Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sophia is back in business and wants to cut your hair

Sophia is back and she is in business and she wants to trim those shaggy locks for you - really, any of you. There was a moment or two when Sophia was not sure how she was going to pull it all together. Having worked at Paul's Barbershop at 905 1/2 S. Third Street for the best part of ten years, it was heartbreaking when Paul sold the shop to neighboring barbershop business owner, Linda, and Sophia was told three days later that she could no longer rent her chair anymore. With a house mortgage to pay and being on her own, she decided to look for a spot in the immediate area to open her own place and get back to making a living that she loves and seeing the customers that she missed.

The spot she finally moved into is owned by Armondos, is located just around the corner from the restaurant on Houser Way and used to be where you could find Calico Cheesecake before they expanded and moved to S. Third St. Armondo helped Sophia paint and installed a brand new bathroom for her patrons (what a guy!) and she was good to go. That was two weeks ago, and Sophia is still hard at work to get the word out to her old customers on where to find her and her new digs.

Though still in the throws of decorating, Sophia has installed possibly one the cutest accents to the new barbershop/hair salon - the firetruck seat. Most of us won't be able to take full advantage of this particular treat, but for first timers to the hairdressers, this will make the adventure all the sweeter.

What I truly appreciate about Sophia is her gung-ho attitude to be back in business. The sign out on the corner of Wells and Houser leading the way to her place, the car that she parks on South Third that states in big, bold letters on the rear window where she is now located and her truly winning smile and hellos when she greets anyone - new customer or old.

Renton Pro-Cut
By Sophia

Open 6 days a week 8am till 6pm
Closed on Sundays
908 Houser Way S.
Men/Women/Kid's Chair
Ask for Sophia or Ann
(206) 446 - 2981

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Anonymous said...

I finally got my hippy hair sheared at Paul's yesterday - and was sad to not see Sophia there with the photos of her family. I know Paul is a sweetheart and took Sophia in when she could barely speak English. And I know Sophia is a kind lady who helped the new gals at Paul's when they'd got stuck with a weird haired guy.

As I was getting sheered, a customer came in and said that "I just saw Sophia and she said that you weren't in business, and that the shop is now around the corner." Paul said "We're still here."

I guess it's sad to see two good people fall out with each-other - and I'll probably wind up getting my hair cut at both shops.


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