Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Let me take you to the Market, this one last time

Last call for friends of the Renton Farmers Market - today finished a stellar season for the vendors and visitors with sunny blue skies, warm temperature and sweet, sweet treats to be had by all. The Picaroon will be featuring some of this blog's favorites of the market today. Selfishly, it is all about what The Picaroon has come to love and associate with the market over these last three months. I have even more photos, but I had to limit myself to the task at hand.

These were the wackiest pair of squash, in shapes and sizes akin to small household pets and children. They were for sale - but it was like arranging for an adoption of an unwieldy beast - no one wanted to cart either of them home.

I am sooo gonna miss the fruit. Bags, boxes, bunches - every way you can think of to describe and buy a mess of fresh grown goodies.

Cute hand drawn signs and things to gnaw on - what more could you ask for from your local market?

Boy, when Marcie Palmer, member of Renton City Council told us she did a number on her foot, boy was she not kidding. Here she is keeping Brian Larson, MC of the market and Rocco Fiore company after demanding to be set free from the house for the afternoon and hopping into her wheelchair. Okay, she didn't hop into the wheelchair, and it will apparently still be some weeks more before she can even begin to think about that kind of frivolous footwork.

Some of my favorite market peeps - seen on a weekly basis and always enjoying the market scene - Pam and Lee Chiccoine and Phyl Carroll.

Another pair of my peeps that I love to see - Jim Gould, Renton Police and Linda Middlebrooks, Farmers Market Volunteer Manager. I will miss not seeing these folks on such a regular Tuesday occasion.

I love my flowers - so just get over it!

So do others - like lovely Charlie here with her specially chosen bouquet. Pretty as a picture.

This man and his lovely wife served my Mom I don't know how many servings of Teriyaki Chicken with Rice or Orange Chicken over the past weeks. This was her favorite place to eat at the market, bare none.

Gary Palmer, photographer wunderkind and hubby to dear Marcie Palmer is always where a good photo is to be had - he also tries to sneak in shots of the photo-shy Lady P - arrrrghhhhh!

John aka JJ Springer aka the best dancer and giver of hugs, laughter and smiles in town is the upbeat part of any market outing. I will miss not seeing him weekly. I need my shot of JJ juice to keep me regular and happy.

Oh, the honey was delicious and so sad that some of you will be missing it. Local honey, some infused with local strawberries that is aged for a few weeks before getting to you - it was amazing - called Strawberry Cream Honey. Sweet as Can Bee Honey has a website and some other infused honey flavors, like chocolate, that are not to be missed, in addition to the blessedly good plain old scrumptious golden liquid stuff. It is a 2 person, 60 hive local concern that should be a shopping stop for all of you - online, of course, after today. sniff. (Oh, above with the honey is Cherisse).

Quincy had some incredible music stylins that he was putting down with his electric keyboard and singularly good singing voice! Recent grad of Renton High School, he came on stage to wow the audience after the Rain City Breakers danced.

The Rain City Breakers were break dancing as both a group and then individually for the last of the music and show performances of the Renton Farmers Market season. The group hails from good ole Renton and they were really good. I loved the music too - not hiphop, but soft, melodic R&B like tunes with a great beat. I have some more great shots, so I will do another posting about just them tomorrow. Fun.

The sweetest flower for last. This is Sophie and she has flowers. That and the photo pretty much say it all.
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