Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Let Me Take You to the Market - Week 14

Renton Farmers Market is heralding the Fall - you can see it in the subtle change of the colors of the flowers in the stalls. Gorgeous jewel tones nestle up to the brights of summer and tell of of the imminent change to come.

The shirts that bear the lovely artwork for the market this year are dropping in price each week and so now is the time to stock up. Last I heard they were discounted by $3. Here is Rentonite, Steve, in a picture perfect pose.

Sometimes you need to focus on the happy faces that make these market days possible - like Faye and Bill Moss, market volunteers.

Or how about Linda Middlebrooks, Renton Farmers Market Volunteer Manager and local police officer Jim Gould, who can often be seen in the DTR on his days off sharing a cup of coffee with the rest of us cafe goers (like Linda).

Hayton Farms continues to have berries that would make anyone blush for joy. They go fast - people buying them by the flat and freezing them, canning them, just plain eating them by the handful. Is this a recurring photo, recurring theme here? Why, of course it is - you haven't bought your berries yet, and until you do, I will continue to pester you with the sight of these luscious berries.

Call me impulsive - but is really just one bouquet of $5 flowers really enough?

I love the variety of chilies that you can buy - these colors just spark off thoughts of entrees and salsas to me.

Are these watermelons on the loose, or just meandering over to find their way into your car?

Serendipity Artisan Dip Mixes of Kirkland,WA have been selling their wares all market long, and I have been so remiss not to speak of them until now. Buy 4 and get a special price. They always have the yummiest samples for everyone to try. Just combine the dip mixes with sour cream or mayonnaise - then combine them with veggies, or crackers, or get creative.

This is Austin - he has been coming to the market since the very first year it began and he was a mere babe of 4 years of age. Austin loves to come and sing karaoke and is very fond of rock music, and of course, brightly colored shave ice.

The Twisted S Ranch in Enumclaw,WA is now selling their farm fresh eggs at the market. Bring your own egg carton/ $3.50 a dozen or $4 without. If you want to drive out to the farm, owners Cali and Robin welcome you all year round, with artisan cheeses and soon a full range of smoked meats to complete their offerings. Purchase directly at the farm for only $3/dozen and bring the whole family. There are goats and chickens and rabbits to pet and see, it can be an afternoon of farm fun.

Everyone comes to the market - some even dress for the occasion. This is Junebug and she is cruisin' the market in style in a special doggy day bag with matching coat to complete the ensemble. Sue Rider and Gabe accompanied this stylish pup on her market rounds.

The Hayburners were playing their music and setting some toes to tapping, as you can see. Originally from Arizona 4 years ago, Jennifer and David now live in Renton up Fairwood way and really enjoyed playing for the hometown.

This is the kind of sign that I like to see when I am going to the market. Makes me want to hurry up and see what kind of shopping mischief I can get into.

This is not the kind of sign I want to see when I am at the market and trying to enjoy the sights and smells of fruits, veggies and some really tasty treats to take home. Don't get me wrong, I fervently support free speech - just not so close to the apple stand, okay?

I heard that the vendors on this side of the Piazza felt that their sales were being a little cramped by the Ross Perot cronies, and so the Rossies were asked take a hike by the local bicycle police. On their way to scene of "Ross", the one policeman chose to ride his bike through the market, instead of dismounting and walking his vehicle like the rest of the population, and Brian Larsen, MC, took him to task - "walk your bike, please". It was the best laugh of the afternoon. We all get caught outside of the law every now and again.

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