Sunday, August 2, 2009

What do you do on the weekend?

Weekend wonders - or wondering what to do with your weekend. I tend to do a lot of wandering on the weekends, which can be quite the same for me as weekdays, but whatever schedule you may or may not have, Saturday and Sunday always have a special kind of "feel".

I love a good bit of something cool - and with our recent heat, I have not been denying myself indulgences in that area. Sorbet in the freezer? Gone, with no regrets. Popsicle from a sidewalk vendor? Yes, please and make it quick.

The excessive brightness of the sun helps point out all of the dirty spots on the cars and the windows. Glaringly so. Makes me want to clean all the more. Then I get exhausted and need to run to the basement to cool off. It is a horrible cycle that somehow keeps getting repeated.

Spray bottles need to be handy for plants and humans in great abundance. One on every counter surface, indoors and out. Relief in an instant moment of squirting. But all too fleeting. Damn. Squirt me again, will ya?

I am a sucker for a good sign and a great deal. I will pull over for any sale that is prefaced by the word yard, or garage or "G". Doesn't matter if I am close to heat stroke and need another swig of water - I stop for a good bargain regardless. I admire the folks that are out there trying to clear a closet and empty a basement in this kind of weather. They need our support. Cleaning in a heatwave can be a real b*tch. Maybe that's what they were doing with their time while hiding out down below from the sun.

Happy Sunday, everyone!
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