Friday, August 21, 2009

Pizza at a perfect price

Last Saturday a new pizza joint opened in town - Little Ceasars on South Second right next to Safeway on Rainier Ave. This is a franchise, to be sure, but it is owned and operated by the Singh family who hail from Kent. This is their third pizza store, with the two others located in Burien and White Center. Pictured above is Harpeet, daughter of owner Mohan Singh and she is holding there 50th Anniversary special pizza, plain cheese or pepperoni, which is only $5. No need to preorder, call, limit your purchase - this is the pizza that fits any budget. My Mom had one today - not too shabby! The special, Harpeet informs me, will go on for sometime, so everyone will have a chance to sample their wares.

I love a family run business - it just makes my little heart beat faster with joy. Both the owner's daughter and nephew were working today and the store was spotless. I am certain that they will do well - what Renton High School kid won't be there this coming Fall or a hungry grocery shopper for that matter.

Little Ceasar's
203 S. 2nd St., Suite H
(Next to Safeway on Rainier Ave.)

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Anonymous said...

MMMM Pizza, everyone's love :)

Barbara said...

This is my favorite 'commercial' Pizza company - love them. Now, if only the calories could be cut down Ha!. Oh, who cares, I'm eating it anyways.

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