Friday, August 21, 2009

Bark it up at the Dog Park - Volunteer

This is just a "bark" excursion for you tomorrow to the Renton Off -leash Dog Park. A big load of bark mulch has arrived and needs to be spread around from 9:30 am until about noon. Email to sign up. You just bring your gloves, sunscreen and water and the necessary tools for spreading the bark will be provided. A perfect way to begin a Saturday that has an Art Walk, Car Show and the opening of our first independent music shop, Tyrannosaurus Records, to complete the rest of the day.

As you might remember, this dog park has been open since June 29th and has seen a great many happy additions and changes since then. Long rustic benches have been added for a weary dog handler to take a rest. A kiosk has been built and another one will be added at the other end ( more wheelchair accessible) very soon. You still need to bring in water, but the city contractor is finishing hooking up the water line by next week. Shade trees will also be planted so that the 10 x10 ft. canopy will not be the only place to escape the sun.

The Grand Opening Ceremony will be held Saturday, September 19th from 10 am till 12 noon and there will be an official "leash" cutting with city dignitaries and everything, so put it on your calendars now.

Renton Off-leash Dog Park

Driving Directions, click here
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Anonymous said...

I almost want a dog to bring there, but alas I shouldn't because I work too many hours to be resonsible for one :(

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