Saturday, August 22, 2009

Marvelous Music Mecca

Sooooo, tonight was marvelous live music hosted by the music maven himself, Nich Sullivan, owner of newly opened (try today) Tyrannosaurus Records. First on the docket was the amazing songstress and accordion player, Laura Jorgensen. This instrument is definitely making a come back, and certainly is in the competent hands of this local artist. Laura will head to Boston for the upcoming school year where she plans to gather a band together, and she is one to keep your eyes and ears peeled to hear and see. Due to the wonders of the modern music scene, I was able to purchase an EP entitled "The Wings and The Waters", with 4 original songs for the affordable price of 5 bucks. Local, affordable, and worth the investment. I already foresee that this shop will easily find ways to part me with my holy dollars.

Jonathan Kimball was featured next, with an mean steel guitar and an acoustic guitar that he used to serenade and seduce our earlobes, regaling us with original works and songs that were finely honed and a treat to hear. Newly released CD "Optimisms" was the source for many of the tunes this night and was well worth the easy $10 asking price. While I could not find a video of his music to upload for you, click on over to the Jonathan Kimball Myspace page to listen to a few of his finely wrought tunes. Just to give you an idea of the caliber of music this man is putting down, this is what the website CD Baby has to say:

It seems Jonathan Kimball can't help but make great music. With a background of collaborating in progressive rock, roots reggae, punk, and ska bands - no one would have expected his solo masterpiece would sound so beautiful and delicate.

Tomorrow at 2pm, Amy Bleu will be playing at Tyrannosaurus Records for yet another inhouse free concert. Amy's CD, Geek Love, which was just released in the first month of the year with her new band, is already available for purchase in the store and some songs feature the accordion/xylophonist, Adam Sullivan and her husband on bass, Matt Cornett. Amy herself sings and plays the guitar and baritone ukulele and also does solo performances. The Amy Bleu website describes the music as "Indie, Americana, Experimental. They hail from just south of our Washington border in Oregon.

The good news is - Nich, the owner would like to have LIVE MUSIC at his place at least twice a month. This would make for some incredible opportunities for all of us to widen our music appreciation and pleasure while having yet another cool evening destination in the DTR. The other good news is that my friend, Garrison, put 800 of his used and vintage records up for sale at the store as well - so you have no excuse not to go and stock up on some cool vinyl.

GO LISTEN - if you have any clue of what's good for ya!

Tyrannosaurus Records
914 S. Third St. in the DTR

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