Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Library Love and Interblogging Support

Sometimes we have to question the why and how of things, and sometimes we have to come together to do so. Miss Lynar has been strangely absent from her blog and blogging at All about Renton as of late, taking on a much larger project than the everyday life and times in Renton. Miss Lynar is looking into the Renton Public Library and the current question on the table of whether or not Renton should join the King County Library System.

When a recent poll was provided for the public to vote concerning this issue, it was a bit difficult to see what the end usage of said poll would be - merely to market to the public better when it comes time for us to vote this Fall, perhaps? I myself wondered why the poll questions didn't really fairly lay out to the public what the true differences would be between remaining autonomous or choosing to join KCLS. Maybe we need to start at a more basic level of inquiry and work our way out from there. Gut level reaction sort of stuff - so here it is.

Should Renton Public Library join the King County Library System or not?

Hit on the above link and head on over to All About Renton's Poll featured today and tell us what you think. My hat is off to Miss Lynar for this undertaking and The Picaroon will be following her progress on this issue closely in the days and weeks to come, so tune in.
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