Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Let me take you to the Market - Week 11

What a difference a week makes - the Renton Farmers Market was plagued with hot weather last week, and this week, a sprinkling of rain and temperatures in the mid 60's brought people slowly out of their homes, but many came prepared with an umbrella and some rubber boots.

Looking for certified organic fruits and veggies? Head to Full Circle Farm out of Carnation,WA with these lovely beets for a start. Want to learn more, you can check out their farm website.

Cindy was just a vision of market shopping - look at her fresh bread, bags of fruit and veggies and is patiently awaiting her turn for a bit of sugar and sweetness - a Hawaiian Shave Ice. Just desserts for her hard work at shopping.

The market has so many beneficial ingredients to add to our health and life. Yesterday Dr. Lucas and Christopher and Stefeny Anderson held a Cancer Fighting Foods Chef Demo. If you want to be updated on cool and creative recipes from the market and a list of fruits and veggies that are in season, please follow this Renton Farmers Market website link and add your name to receive the email newsletter.

The riotous colors of the $5 bouquet flowers are an amazing find each and every week. Give over to the color and purchase a bit of happiness.

Corn on the cob for dinner? Please!!

John the Market Dancer adds a special bit of movement and marvelment every week and he is sometimes joined by a mirror image of himself. This is the next generation of market volunteers in the making.

Linda Hays of the Forest Fairy Bakery wakes up early on the morn of the market and bakes her heart out for those carb lovers who turn out to her booth. Shirley, her mother, displays a lovely bear-face cupcake and mans the store during the day. All natural, all moist and full of goodness - a great place to include in your market rounds.

I am always pleasantly surprised by the music that graces the market from 5:30 - 6:30 pm each Tuesday. Monday at One was a great duo that was playing some great 80's tunes and kept the shoppers happily humming along with their tunes.

Rain gear was definitely on display Tuesday and was too cute not to relay. Look at these LadyBug Toes - don't you wish you had a pair as well?

I couldn't leave you without one farewell shot of the Umbrellas at the market. For some, merely a device to keep from getting wet - and for others, a mobile fort to offer up to friends, where travel to foreign lands was assured, away from green and "good for you" dinners and adults doing their shopping, and onto lands where sugar and candy coated goodies were the established norm and bedtimes had yet to be set or discussed.
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PersonOfInterest said...

One half of that music duo is one of the bartenders over at the Melrose. Very nice lady.

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