Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Let Me Take You to the Market - Week 10

A tropical theme so suitable to Renton's recent heatwave - Hawaiian Day at the Market. One small, but personally never overlooked aspect of the Market are the decorations sprinkled about, helping set the tone for the day's activities. Leis were around many a neck today, and even though the weather was a remarkably cool 75ish, shave ice was still a major hit and there was some swaying of hips throughout the day.

Welcome to Hawaii in Renton!

TINY 'S Organic Fruit and Vegetables from Wenatchee, WA is a stand that few miss on their market meanderings. Samples galore of some lovely eats entice many a shopper. The stand is located right near the music and today some of the lovelier staff were sporting grass skirts along with their leis. The stand remained busy.

Okanogan Harvest is a Farm Network, a market booth that represents a group of farmers for whom having individual stands would be cost prohibitive, but by banding together, their presence and products can be known. Click on the above link and peruse their blog.

I love bundles of status and other flowers that dry easily, remaining pretty long after other cut flowers must be thrown away. I have bouquets from a year ago, reminders of other good market days.
The Renton Senior Activity Center has their very own Hawaiian Dance Troupe - Nahula O Wahine Ilikea. Boasting 18 members, they swirled and swayed for the market today. This is Rosalie's profile - isn't she a beauty?

Music by the Lava Flow Trio - damn, I love that name!

I can't resist - Have you been leied lately?

This is a special, behind the scenes shot at the Hawaiian Shave Ice stand. I want to ask, how big can you make my ice?

I have to feature at least one shot of veggies, requisite for all healthy diets. Okay, there it is.

My parting pictures for you.
Look back and forth between the two and you can see the dance.

If nothing else, it is for moments like this that you should stop by the market every week.

Renton Farmers Market
Tuesdays 3 - 7pm/ The Piazza at S. Third and Burnett

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Ahipara Girl said...

Gosh, this is fantastic. I love my community too, what a great idea. I think you have sparked my next project, a blog on my community. Add that to my ridiculous evergrowing list of projects. xxx thanks again. I think your town sounds just peachy!

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