Thursday, August 6, 2009

From North to South, the only other alternative to I-5 is the Eastside Corridor. Expansion in population, more people on the road to work - this has affected the commute people face each day and has brought up the idea of connecting I-405 with SR 167 to create a "seamless corridor". WSDOT is considering adding toll lanes from Puyallup to Lynnwood in addition to the present toll free lanes, offering commuters a choice in their travel needs and helping to expand the transit service (both van and bus), improve the interchanges, and provide an overall system that is better equipped to handle our present and future traffic needs.

Want your voice to be heard? Follow the link here to the WSDOT page that explains further their plans and allows you to weigh in on this plan. Your input is important and will be included in a report to the Governor and Legislature in January 2010

Thanks to Laurie Finlayson for bringing this to the Picarron's attention!
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