Friday, August 7, 2009

Block Party Tonight in the DTR!

What began as a few Meet the Artists nights at Happy Delusions, then grew to Liberty Cafe having First Friday events, is now a full on Block Party with the whole top block of downtown Renton's South Third Street joining in for a night of music, art and " a darn good time" tonight. I credit Mary Clymer with this groundswell of party fun, creative endeavor and the reason that tonight will be a very good time in the ole DTR. The energy and excitement of having businesses stay open late one night of the month to give Renton residents a new reason to get out and about our historic downtown has been her brainchild for sometime.

Rachel and Crystal
Common Ground Coffee and Cupcakes will be serving up mini DTR cupcakes free with any drink purchase tonight. You will have to provide your own mustache, however. Music will be provided by a young local talent named Hailey (sorry if get the spelling wrong there).

Mark Remington Arnold - one of the family of artists
Liberty Cafe will have DJ Phil Anthony spinning tunes, and featuring a new art show on it's walls - the work of 4 generations of one family. Paintings from Grandma Alma Ethazelda Vickers King on down were hung just the other day and how fun to see how one generation influences the next. If we are lucky, Johnny Uysal, the other ownership half of the cafe, will be playing his congos - and he is good.

Work by Joey Katzer

Happy Delusions will be featuring local artist Joey Katzer. Joey has been a friend of owner, Mary Clymer, since grade school, always won every art competition and is ubertalented. Currently a first grade teacher in Skyway, her impressive works can be viewed here. Stop by for a little libation and a bite of something sweet and meet the artist herself.

Calico Cheesecake, Cafe Lure and the Tapestry Saloon - that great trilogy of restaurants is secretly planning something. Whatever it is - you know it will taste great!

Tyrannosaurus Records, while not yet ready to open for business, will be on hand to give us a listen and a view of what to soon expect from our first independent music store. Owner Nich will be partying with the rest of the block tonight, so come by and see where your next music hang is soon to be.

DCs Bar & Grill -which has the best $5 lunch for those on the fly and a need for a tasty something to bite into for those of you not yet in the know, will also be hosting some shenanigans tonight -


Wow! Can't beat that!! I am soooo there!

Block Party
Top of South Third Street
Tonight from 6pm - ?


Anonymous said...

I'll see you there....

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great blog Lady P. What a great night it was.

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