Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Uwajimaya Grand Opening Tomorrow

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Uwajimaya, while already open now for awhile, will be hosting it's Grand Opening at the Renton Village Shopping Center at 9 am tomorrow. From what I can gather, there will be Taiko drumming and Shinto Priests present to bless the store in true Japanese style.
Uwajimaya's four store locations (Seattle, Bellevue, Beaverton,Renton) will all be participating in four weeks of celebratory sales from July 15 - August 11, to commemorate the opening of the Renton Store. Uwajimaya's sales circular has all of the details, and for this first week, with every $25 purchase, customers will recieve a free copy of the cookbook by Uwajimaya entitled "Arigato",valued at $9.95.

I have family birthday duties to attend to - so you will have to go without me. I hope they have some yummy sampling of Asian treats for all of you to taste - I mean, what's an opening without food?

News on the street- Uwajimaya has already begun to make their roots in the Renton area grow. The "mucky-mucks" of Renton already gathered together for a $20 per head Grand Opening for the store, and all the proceeds went to the local Salvation Army. Great way to start the ball rollin' there, guys!

Renton Village Shopping Center
501 S. Grady Way Renton

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Anonymous said...

I thought you were considered part of the mucky-muck, too! No mention of that event on Randy's or Rich's blog either. Who's muckier than you guys? :)

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