Thursday, July 30, 2009

Too bad you missed out

Last night, on, yes possibly the hottest evening of the year, Jones Park was the place to be in North Renton. The annual picnic hosted by the North Renton Neighborhood Association was very well attended. Could have been the draw of free hot dogs cooked on a huge grill to perfection, or the door prizes or just the fact that the park is heavily shaded and adjacent to a very nice river to dip into.

Brad and daughters Ellie and Evan.

The potluck tables were full of contributed food dishes and a raffle was held , each ticket purchased for a dollar, which boasted some great gift certificates from local restaurants and other assorted goodies. No one went away hungry and everyone who stopped by to check out our fuss was feed.

Ray Giometti on the front left with Mary and friend Yvonne Beck.

See what tempting picnic fare you missed?

The picnic was also attended by a consultant group, Makers Architecture & Urban Design, that are working on formulating a plan for the city center. This is the first neighborhood to be chosen for this formulating of a plan on how Renton will move forward and create a vision for it's future. My understanding is that North Renton is a part of the area chosen and the consultant staff were on hand to ask what the citizenry liked and disliked about their neighborhood and city and what they would like to see developed. The ideas were written in colorful pen, sometimes with drawings (the one that stated "more ice cream trucks" with a drawing of a rainbow Popsicle being amongst my favorites) and then hung up on a line strung between the support of the pavilion for all to see. Creative and fun way to interact with the public, I thought. Everyone was encouraged to sign up for updates via email

Also, feel free to call or contact Angie Mathias (425) 430- 6576
with any thoughts, questions, recommendations.

Check out the City of Renton Community Planning link also.

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renton425 said...

Bravo! Bravo!! Absolutely wonderful job on the slide show and post! Yeah, Lady P!!

Anonymous said...

Man, I wish I knew about it! New to Renton, and Wa for that matter. Love your blog!


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