Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lucky Ducks

One of the final acts of Renton River Days is to send hundreds of bright yellow rubber duckies floating down the Cedar River in the Rubber Ducky Derby. A $5 donation gives you the number to your own special duck, which you then root for from the banks of the river. A precious moment was one a young girl was trying to convince her skeptical mother that their ducky had a good chance of winning, and her careful examination of the rubber toys from her perch onto of Wells Street bridge as the victors floated on by below. Alas, not everyone could be a winner today, but the crowd was excited just witnessing the yellow migration downstream just the same.

The river is pretty low these days - but there was plenty enough water to get the duckies afloat.

Some ducks had a little heat stroke and were unable to keep up with the others. They received yells of encouragement to finish the course, and no one tried to pluck them out or help move them along. Patience and polite observance won out.

From the west side of Wells Street bridge, the net was cast to round up the duckies and give them a rest until this time next year.

Family members joined together to help catch the bright colored critters. Some are slippery little buggers!

The last duck frontier - bearing large fishing nets, diligent ducky snatchers were ever ready to pick up any strays that tried to make a break for freedom.

I don't know who the winners were - but the lucky ducks were immediately whisked away in the direction of Houser St. Bridge where the derby all began today. With cash prizes of $1,000 and $500 bucks, plus gift cards to Ikea for $500, King and Bunny's Appliances for $500 and Renton Westernwear for $400 - those were some very lucky ducks.

Update 7/28:2009 Rubber Ducky Derby Results

1st Place: $1,000 Cash donated by Renton Coil Spring Company - Bob Mjleda
2nd Place: $550 Cash donated by Rotary Club of Renton - Steve Olson
3rd Place: $500 Gift Card donated by IKEA - King Parker
4th Place: $500 Gift Certificate donated by King & Bunny's Appliance - Bill Moss
5th Place: $400.00 Gift Certificate donated by Renton Western Wear - Jerri Yeoman

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All of your coverage of River Days has been great Lady P. Thank you for your service.

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