Monday, July 27, 2009

Come to the Picnic, people

It's time to meet your neighbor - and share some of your favorites summer eats. The North Renton Neighborhood Association will be holding their annual Picnic - you all are invited, this Wednesday from 5- 7:30pm at Jones Park. That location is right on the Cedar River and just off Wells Ave., so you have no excuse not to come.

Too hot you say!! Why, the river area has got to be cooler than at home. And why not share in some hot dogs and drinks in the abundant shade in that park. If you are feeling in the mood, it's also a potluck - so bring a dish to pass around and a copy of the recipe in case you get fans. My latest email from the North Renton peeps reports that there seems to be no legal reason why you can't even get naked in our lovely local waters. Now, I don't want you to think that is the best of all reasons to come (and not a legal loophole that I will personally be taking advantage of anytime soon), but isn't it nice to know that you won't have any restrictions if the day proves hotter than your sensitive skin can just bear.

There will be face painting for the kids and other fun activities to keep one and all occupied. Please come and join us - for the best little Neighborhood Picnic in the Park!

Wednesday, July 29 Jones Park 5 - 7:30

Okay, okay - there are some of you out there kidding us North Rentonites that our little ole picnic is being held in South Renton. But, according to the North Renton Neighborhood Association, Jones Park is in North Renton. Don't shoot the messenger - see for yourself here.


Anonymous said...

Just to be controversial... I am wondering why North Renton is having it's picnic at a South Renton Park???? Is there going to be a rumble???

Anonymous said...

According to their website, the NRNA is bordered on the south by South Third Street. So we're claiming half of DTR.

Anonymous said...

I made macaroni salad for the picnic. Wasn't a good evening to be boiling lots of water in the kitchen! :)

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