Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Let me take you to the Market - week 6

Squash Blossoms. Sauteed in butter. Tempura battered then lightly fried. Beauty to behold, a delicious treat.

There are many flowers at the market. Some were just grown a little differently than others, like Mia here. She is a special bloom unto herself and if you had the pleasure of her acquaintance, you would totally agree.

Right in the center of the Market on the S. Third Street side is a vendor of Asian food that makes my Mom go back every week for a plateful. Nice people, good eats. Freshly made right in front of your eyes.

Radishes. Lee's Fresh Produce - locally and naturally grown.

Huyen Martin shows a flowering tea she sells, just one of many, from Pacific Mist Tea - Premium Loose Tea. Huyen will glad you give you a sample of one of her 3-4 freshly brewed teas. You will be a converted tea drinker right then and there. www.pacificmisttea.com

Nectarines. First Fruits Produce Market - Highway 2 at East Wenatchee.

Obligatory Flower Bouquet mention. Every week, something different, something wildly colored, something that smells great and costs just a little.

Grand Central Baking Company has the best lookin' spread of bakery items every week. I dare you to walk by without succumbing to the "yeast".

Members of the Miss Washington pageant that is here for the first time in Renton got up to dance. Big photo op for many. Guys can never get enough of a girl in a tiara. Plus did you know that "At the Renton City Council meeting on Monday, June 22, Mayor Denis Law declared July 5 to 11 “Miss Washington Week??!”(thanks to Randy Corman's blog now we all know). Wish I'd found out sooner. I could have dusted off my own diamond tiara and hung out for the day.

The ever jovial Dancing John was around and he will brighten anyone's day if allowed. And you should.

Ashley of Spooner Farms in front of the best smelling lavender. First that I have seen at the market this season. They were also selling some great looking raspberries and strawberries (I showed them to you last week) and handing out a flyer with recipes in it for you to try.

Darrell Westover of Westover Farms (out Maple Valley Highway) has a good sense of humor. Every year I wait for his tomato crop to come in and the Tomato People to rise from the fields.

Renton Farmers Market Tuesdays 3 pm - 7 pm
Live Music Chef Demos Children's Booth

The Piazza South Third Street and Burnett Ave.

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Anonymous said...

I didn't know your dad was raised in Yakima. So was I, I lived here for ten years. It's strange to be back here again, with out her. But tomorrow will be better.

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