Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Higlands Fire Follow-up

The Renton Fire and Emergency Department will be on hand at a Community Meeting this evening at 6pm at the Highland Community Center Gymn (800 Edmonds Ave. NE ) to discuss with the public the 4 Alarm Fire that occurred at the Harrington Square Apt. Complex on June 30th (article at the Renton Reporter).

It has been determined that the roofers who had been at the complex that day were using a propane torch and this set off the fire with the roofing materials acting as kindling to the flame. Damage to the tune of $11 million to the only half completed structure and flames that shot up so high that Tacoma and Ballard bloggers and folk were watching and writing about it. Sadly, this building was hoped to bring revitalization to the Renton Highlands Community. (Source article at the Seattle Times)

The Picaroon was in attendance last month, when Fire Chief I.David Daniels met with the Downtown Renton Community to discuss the 5 Alarm Fire that had struck the 100 year old Harries Building on Wells Ave on June 11. But, Mom's turning 76 tomorrow - so family time takes the upper hand. Otherwise, I would have been happy to covered the event.
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