Saturday, June 6, 2009

Why must it always rain on Swap Day?

Why must it always rain when people are unloading large furniture pieces, cleaning out the garage, being a good swap mate and bringing an unwanted "something" to share with the crowd? It didn't stop the cars from rolling in at a good pace with goodies to donate, nor did it stop the auctioneer with a persistent group of bidders from keeping their spots near the front. But it did continue to rain.

This expectant mother scored some great finds in the kiddie corner. She was smart and came with rain gear. It was just what my Mom would call, "spitting" rain when I arrived, but then it actually got a lot wetter than that, so I said goodbye to the intrepid swappers and left.

This was my one and only score of the day - a vintage edition of the board game, Clue. I was proud of this bit of swapping - but I had to be quick, those swappers get pretty territorial and I wasn't prepared to put up a fight without at least one more cup of coffee in me.
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