Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tully's on Rainer - Gone!

This past weekend, quietly and without much fanfare, the Tullys Coffee on Rainier closed. I was informed by my favorite mail carrier, Barbara (you all know her - and if not - here is my blog about her), that her favorite place to go and get her daily cup of joe was closing and they only informed their customers on the last day of business it seems.

I made it there on Sunday, to find, indeed, the shop completely closed with a sign instructing clients to head over to the Rainier Beach store to get their morning fix. Yeah, like that's gonna happen. I did witness two cars slowly go by as I snapped my photos, mystified by the papered over windows of what used to be their coffee hook-up.

However, the good news is that an independent coffee shop will be acquiring the space and moving in soon. The new name is Tuscany Coffee Co., and there seems to be a drive-through branch of this shop in existence already in Lakewood. Yeah! for another small, family-owned business.

In the meantime, outside of Liberty Cafe, which always has my utmost love, please try the lovely Caffe Umbria coffee that is being served so well at the Yoggi Yogurt store on S. Third Street. Soon, this coffee operation will move around the corner to the Deli that the same owners are hard at work to open in the coming month. Until then, you can have a lovely cup and indulge in the very good frozen yogurt as well.

Yoggi Frozen Yogurt 801 S. Third Street (425) 204-9991 Don't forget to get your yogurt punch card started right away!

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by the sea said...

I went to the Tully's off Airport Way and Rainier in Renton today and found it is a Tuscany shop. It appears they didn't retain the old Tully's employees (why not?) and the staff is all new, at least today it was.

I'm trying to figure out if Tuscay is a locally based business or a national chain. Time to google (that's how I found your blog).

Barbara said...

Let it be known that really I patronize ALL the lovely coffee spots in Renton - from the funkiness of Jet City to the corporate sanitized look of Tully's and everyone in between!

Soyeon Kim said...

Hi! I'm actually the daughter of the owner of the new Tuscany Coffee...We would have loved to keep the former employees, but staying at our shop would have meant they would be quitting their jobs with Tully's Corporation. Tuscany Coffee is indeed a mom-and-pop shop, my dad being the pop. We have no affiliation with the Tuscany Coffee in Lakewood. We are still serving Tully's coffees and are keeping open the same hours. Please come see us! We're trying to get the word out.

Lady P said...

Thank you,Soyean Kim, for the update and I will swing by soon so that I can give everyone the newest and truest update on your Dad's business!

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