Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Get your coffee and your cupcakes!

The sign is out - the doors are open. Common Ground Coffee and Cupcakes is ready to serve you up some coffee and cupcakes.

When I cruised by a little while ago, the tempting smells of baked goods assaulted my delicate nose. There was Crystal Roberts, cupcake maven extraordinaire, working her magic in the cupcake kitchen. With incredible effort on the staff of the entire coffee shop and with the immense help of Mike Roberts and his crew from Venturi Clean - things are getting back to normal at Common Ground.

Lang, the owner of Common Ground Coffee and Cupcakes was in a well deserved good mood when I ran into him today. He said that, though having been born in Aberdeen, WA and having moved around to different spots within our state, it wasn't until he moved to Renton and opened his store downtown that he has ever felt such a feeling of community, of being home.

You will recall that not too long after he opened his business in downtown Renton 2 years ago, a freak accident occurred where a car ran into the shop's front window one night. A complete stranger came and brought lumber to cover the open window frames and install it himself. Lang is no stranger to feeling the warmth and help of Renton during tough times.

"The more things happen here in Renton," Lang exclaimed, " the more gratified I feel for having chosen to live in Renton and to do business here". Lang recounted how children drug their parent's to the shop's door after the fire just to make sure that everything was okay. "One teenage girl wrapped her arms around my wife, Hang, when she saw her saying "Oh, good! you're alright!""

Happy times - to see people getting back to work again, and seeing businesses bounce back less than a week after that horrible 5 Alarm Fire that took downtown Renton by surprise.
SO - come by, please!

Common Ground Cupcakes and Coffee 900 South Third St.(425) 235 - 1717

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Caroline said...

Mmmm, cupcakes...I am SO there. :)

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