Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Comic Den is OPEN!!

They're back!!! New comics, new location and a happy, returning clientele. The Comic Den has opened their doors today to great success and a huge sigh of relief. Hard work and many laborious hours have gone into getting the store to this place and time. Now that the doors are open, the task will be to get the recovered stock back on the floor and have the shop organized said Howard Wheatly, owner. The plan is that by the week before Renton River Days in the last days of July, the shop will have a grand reopening, and be really situated once again.

Pictured above is Rich Nesbitt waiting on longtime customer Danielle NiDhighe. Both were very happy to have the chance to see one another. Rich still has a job he enjoys to come to and Danielle has an outlet to indulge in her comic reading. This makes everyone happy.

Owner, Howard Wheatly - exhausted, but good.

Please note that the phone number is not working at present at The Comic Den but will be remedied by the following Monday. Please feel free to email them at:

The Comic Den 822 South Third Street
(425) 235 - 1663 (as of next Monday 6/22)
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