Monday, June 22, 2009

Comics still burning on

This afternoon, the old Harries Building that was the site of Renton's 5 Alarm fire saw a little more action. Three firemen, completely suited up and a pair of fire engines, pumping water, paid a visit to the basement of the building that once housed The Comic Den and the A-1 Vacuum & Locks. Seems that there is a stack of smouldering comic books about 5 feet high that bursts into flames about every week, this told to me by one of the firemen, Captain Mike Proulx of the Renton Fire Department, after exiting the building on Wells Ave. S.

As you can see, the building received a little more water and attention. This view is taken from the back of the building where there is a parking area.

I had no idea that comic books could be that tenacious. There is word on the street that Bob Delancey, owner of the now burned out building, is negotiating with a buyer. It would be great to have that space rebuilt and renovated. Let's hope both parties can come to an agreement soon. I will keep you posted.
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