Sunday, June 21, 2009

Meet Marcie

Don't you sometimes wonder about our council members? Who they really are and what makes them tick? Well, I have subjected them to a list of silly, offhand questions and low and behold - I have answers. Today, Marcie Palmer is under the Picaroon scrutiny. Shall we meet the lesser known side of Marcie?

!. Name of favorite pet
Daphne, our Golden Retriever/Collie Mix

2. Breakfast food you eat all the time
Eggs and Bacon

3. Silliest human trick you are known for
Geez- Marcie left this one blank... anyone? Do you know what she's famous for?

4. Worst school moment (if you want to share)
Having to move to Issaquah a month after starting high school in Salem, OR

5. Belly button - innie or outie?

6. First date was where with the Gary?
My first date with my husband, Gary was at the original Red Robin, by the UW. Our respective college roommates wanted to introduce their new "significant other." My roommate Linda ended up marrying Gary's roommate Mike and Gary and I followed 5 months later.

7. Vacation spot you want to return to

8. Education regret - what do you wish you had studied, even if you would have never had a use for it
Marine Biology. (I've really enjoyed learning with the Kennydale 5th graders this year, including field trips to the Seattle Aquarium, Seahurst Beach at low, low tide (last week!) and 3-Day Camp Seymour outside Tacoma)

9. How do you like your coffee?
Black and strong!

10. Favorite food group

11. What TV show are you embarrassed to admit you like?
JP Patches (Actually, I'm proud to be a "Patches Pal") Only those that grew up in the Seattle area will understand what I am talking about.

12. What color simply looks awful on you?
Tan. I look "blah" from head to toe.

13. Worst Xmas gift you received - ever?
Can't think of anything, since every gift is given with some personal thought.

14. Worst gift you ever gave - ever ?
Blank - she must give good gifts - but then, this IS Marcie we're talking about!

15. Proudest achievement so far ?
My wonderful little family. Gary and I have been married almost 27 years and we are so blessed with two wonderful boys.

16. Silliest thing you often do (and everyone kids you about)?
Talk loud. People are always saying that they heard me before they saw me.

17. Whose your super hero?
Renton Firefighters and Police!

18. If you were a woman, who would you like to be?
Opps - trick question and Marcie was right not to answer! This was really for the boys.

19. Best household chore that you do?
Laundry, including ironing.

20. How do you get yourself out of a grumpy mood?
Watch "Sister Act" with Whoopi Goldberg. That movie makes me laugh til tears run down my face!

21. Do you still send cards for occasions via snail mail?
To parents/grandparents

22. Your favorite film?
Sound of Music

23. What season is your best?

24. Hobby you like the most?

25. Are you funny?
You'd have to ask someone else if they think I'm funny. I love to make people laugh and to laugh with them.

26. Why do you like being a council member?
I LOVE people and it gives me an excuse to talk with everyone to find out more about them, and often, help them.

Stay Tuned - this is part three of a series I have been working on entitled "Meet the Council". Isn't this fun!?

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