Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Yummy Yoggi Yogurt Update

As the season warms ( it's happening, don't laugh!), I am certain I will be seeing more satisfied little faces that I know here at the scrumptious yogurt shop - Yoggi Yogurt. Things are always on the move over there at Yoggi's, where dear Dawn Hart is at the helm. Lovely chairs and umbrella outside for you to stop and have your bite, new espresso from Caffe Umbria to pair with your sweet indulgences and a crepe machine to soon be up and running.

If you haven't tried it yet - do! There are two for one cards out and about to be had, so you can take a friend (Liberty Cafe has some on the counter there! but have a coffee from Mike, first!)
Remember - this is the frozen yogurt that is good for you - probiotic, nonfat, possesses those live cultures that make yogurt good for you - and they have fresh fruit toppings to match (okay, and some other less diet friendly ones as well).

Yoggi Frozen Yogurt
80 South Third Street, Suite B Renton,WA
(425) 204 - 9991

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