Monday, May 18, 2009

When you don't wanna cook and you don't have too much

I am just going to come out and say it - I like our local Panda Express.

Tonight was just too hot to cook and eat in ( I marvel that I even get to write that!) and so Panda Express it was. $5.75 will give you a choice of fried noodles, fried rice or steamed rice and two main entrees. I think that is an amazing deal. I always have food to take home, the portions are generous.
My favorite finds so far have been the Orange Chicken (okay, not healthy but really tasty) and tonight, I had an eggplant/tofu dish that reminded me of times living abroad. While not every time do I have two dish choices that I am impressed with, there is a real touch of "flavor" to some of these offerings. Sometimes, like tonight, I am just happily surprised. Because of that, I return on a semi regular basis.
The other aspect of the casual dining/take out that I like at the Panda, is you can see that everything is being prepared as you stand in line for your turn - it's fresh. The glass refrigerator doors behind which box after box of fresh veggies lay waiting to be cooked is enticement enough. Looks a helluva lot better than other places I have worked or seen - and you all know what I mean!
So - go ahead - sue me for admitting my liking the Panda. I can take it . I also have admitted to dining at Rubattiono's on the regular for breakfast. I should be shot.

Panda Express at The Landing
906 Park Ave. North Suite 104A (425) 917 - 2193
(it's close to Target - if that helps)
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