Monday, May 18, 2009

Renton Hill gets a bit of charm

You can see this gate to Renton Hill from the top of South Third Street in Downtown Renton - and I think it is rather charming. As you walk closer, you can see that it is still in the midst of installation where the plaques and final touches are concerned, but amazingly, this project just flew into place on lovely, warm Sunday. I am admiring how the red brick fits in with the other buildings nearby and that Renton is developing some historic "spots" to invite us all to walk and share our city's history. Way to go, Renton.

A bit of the gate detail and appeal above. This gate will also have a tribute to the coal miners and possibly (?) a piece of coal or a cave/coal riser(?). To be absolutely honest, I took a photo of the accompanying sign and I was still the none wiser. But, the city is looking for feedback, and have listed names (Vicky Persson and Fay Moss are the two Co-Chairs on this) so feel free to interpret it for yourself and weigh in for yourself. Whatever the final decision maybe, I saw half a dozen cars drive by and then slow to a near stop to look at this new addition. People are noticing. With the Dog Park's construction beginning next month, how helpful it will be for our out of town guests to be able to know where they are in Renton. Maybe more landmarks or signage are on the way?

This brick is a tribute to the Renton Clay Works 1892 - 1900, and the Denny Renton Clay & Coal Co., 1900 - 1965. But, they are still working out the finer details for the plaque that will be hanging just below. However, the brick you see above is authentic and from the Denny Renton Brick Plant itself- the official article, which is very cool.

Get physical and take a very satisfying walk up Renton Hill while inspecting the other gate that is said to reside at the top of the park and greenery that are right there. Location: Top of South Third Street, at the intersection of Mill and Renton Ave. South. Can't miss it - unless you are intentionally planning on it. In that case, bring the binoculars, grab a coffee and a seat outside Liberty Cafe and you'll be good to go.
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Day said...

I grew up on Renton Hill, 26 yrs total. I think the sign is great! Thanks for including it on your fantastic blog!

Feathered Nest said...

I saw the crew putting the sign up on Saturday. I was thinking that would be a great post. Glad you caught it!

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