Saturday, May 16, 2009

When a friend goes missing

When cribbage buddy and friend, Mike Ferguson moved out of the zipcode, the boys were starting to feel the pain. It's bad enough that they now don't have him to shoot the breeze over a competitive game at the local coffee spot (Jet City), but he gave up Renton for - what? Tacoma - it just ain't decent.

So, Don Hausken (center in photo) decided to paint an homage to this other fellow painter so that his presence could still grace the game (oh, and by the way Mike - the "fake" you is winning hands you never did in the flesh!). It took Don a month to complete and was just unveiled this very afternoon. It is a beauty. Some say even better than the original - naaahhh! just messing with you, Mike.

Mo, far left and Ron Hughes, far right are also part of the cribbage crew. If you like to play and don't mind the looks of this motley lot - come on down in the mid afternoon and pull up a card or two. Mike (check his out his mad art credentials here) - if you don't hurry back soon, the guys may decide they like the paint splattered one dimensional you better. And now where would that leave your cribbage game, hum?
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mike ferguson said...

Tears are streaming down my face. That was damn great. i am moving back immediately.

Anonymous said...

wonderful story!

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