Saturday, May 16, 2009

Brandie is at Jet City today!

Brandie, voted the second best barrista in town (according to The Best of Renton poll, who were off by one!!!) will be making a special appearance for the entire day at Jet City Espresso, corner of S. Second Street and Main. Hours 9:30 till about 5pm. Go visit her and see what all the hub bub is about - and get some damn fine coffee or italian sodas to go with the good weather coming our way!
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Please Note : the above hours were the "estimated" time you could find Brandie gracing the coffee stand on this past weekend. No harm intended - no foul.

Jet City Espresso Hours : 7:00 am till 7 pm

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jetdeb said...

Patricia, Thanks for your fun APB on missing mike, a pedestal of the jet city cribbage club.

Thank you also for the "Brandie's In" alert. We need to hang a sailors burgee or hoist a pink flag on those days when Brandie graces us with her charming presence.

FYI to all, Jet City's hours (as they've been for many years) are 7am - 7pm. We'd miss all our commuters and those en route to weekend fun with the 9:30-5 hrs listed on the post. THanks again for your informative -- and funny -updates! -d

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