Friday, May 1, 2009

Walking Art

Today on our main drag, I happened to see these fine examples of Sailor Jerry tat work coming down the street. Meet Joey and her lovely walking art.
Sailor Jerry designs are traditional old school tattoos that are very much in vogue again. Two of these tattoos were done by Magenta (owner) and the other by Jibo, both of them tat artists at the Diamond Tattoo Parlor here in town. Jibo won the 1st place for the best religious tattoo award at the Seattle Tattoo Convention - so you are in good hands over there.

This is a Dia de los Muertos skull head design. Ever seen the sugar skulls that are decorated in honor of the ancestors that have passed away on the Day of the Dead, which falls on the day after Halloween? That is the inspiration behind this design. Awesome.
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