Friday, May 1, 2009

Get your free comics right here!

The Comic Den on Wells Street, right in our DTR between South Second and Third Streets, is giving away comics - for free - this Saturday - no obligations to buy, just stop by. The owner, told me to tell all of you, so it must be true.

This establishment has been serving up a healthy dose of graphic novels, a very large collection of comics and other such collectible paraphernalia since it opened in 1991. Every Wednesday, all the cool guys I know get ready to go check out the new goods, 'cuz that is delivery day and there is a pile of boxes usually outside to prove it. The store is small but from what I have heard, has a great staff and the right goods which is why they have that such a loyal clientele. I even saw a new graphic novel with our new prez on the cover in the window. Maybe he really is a super hero after all.

Okay - I know I already posted this photo earlier in the week as the coolest pic, but I don't care! I have a thing for the Wolverine, and I am not afraid to share that - again.

The Comic Den 234 Wells Ave. South (425) 235 - 1663
Noon till they close at 6 pm - they will have enough comics for everyone!
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Anonymous said...

Not related to your post - but it's Bike to Work month! what a great day to kick it off. :)

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Anonymous said...

How could you not have a thing for wolverine? have you seen that body and facial hair? HOT!!!

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