Monday, May 11, 2009

Totally new way to meet the council

Randy Corman and his lovely wife, Cathy. President of the Renton City Council, running for reelection this Fall, a dedicated man of the city for nearly 2 decades. But who is he, really?
Hear all about the soft and squishy underside of Randy, in his own words.

!. Name of favorite pet
This is tough... probably either my Newfoundland Dolly, or my horse Zeus

2. Breakfast food you eat all the time
Shredded wheat

3. Silliest human trick you are known for
Juggling on a unicycle

4. Worst school moment (if you want to share)
I missed all my finals and accidentally went to school in my underwear.... no wait, I think that was a bad dream.
Actually, it was probably when I got shingles in college, and missed two weeks while on pain killers-- then I had to make up a lot of work

5. Belly button - innie or outie?

6. First date was where with the fair Cathy?
A sock hop (dancing in our socks) at a roller skating rink in Livermore CA, in 1978. We were both 15 years old.

7. Vacation spot you want to return to
Too many to name. Probably Hawaii tops the list right now.

8. Education regret - what do you wish you had studied, even if you would have never had a use for it
I wish I had taken some architecture to go with my engineering degree. I love to build as a hobby. I'm good at making buildings strong, but I sometimes need help to create a good layout.

9. How do you like your coffee?
With cream or milk. No sugar.

10. Favorite food group
Do they still have food groups? I'm a big meat-eater. I think it is because my parents were both Kansans.

11. What TV show are you embarrassed to admit you like?
Dr. Phil

12. What color simply looks awful on you?

13. Worst Xmas gift you received - ever?
I thought hard about this... I don't think I ever got a bad one. I love even clothes that don't fit when they are given with affection.

14. Worst gift you ever gave - ever ?
I just don't remember. My worst experiences have been when I've forgotten someone important.

15. Proudest achievement so far ?
Raising my kids into who they are today tops everything else

16. Silliest thing you often do (and everyone kids you about)?
Getting a little hyper when I've had too much caffeine, particularly late at night. Councilwoman Marcie Palmer has learned to watch me closely, and cut me off after one coke or coffee during nighttime meetings.

17. Whose your super hero?
James Bond-- does he count?

18. If you were a woman, who would you like to be?
Oh...too hard. There are many, many women I admire.

19. Best household chore that you do?
Repairs of all kinds

20. How do you get yourself out of a grumpy mood?
Read a book, or watch a movie

21. Do you still send cards for occasions via snail mail?
Christmas cards, yes. And birthday cards when I'm sending them with money.

22. Your favorite film?
The Court Jester, with Danny Kaye, is at or near the top.

23. What season is your best?
Summer. I love the warm days, and we don't get quite enough of them here in the Northwest.

24. Hobby you like the most?
Building things-- whether adding on to the house or making furniture to go in it

25. Are you funny?
When I'm at my best

26. Why do you like being a council member?
I love making the city nicer, helping people, and solving problems. Council is a nice position for making a difference.

Stay Tuned - this is part one of a series I have been planning for sometime, on "Meet the Council".

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Anonymous said...

Off topic, but someone is looking for a lost bird. This email just went out to North Renton residents.


I apologize for the mass email but I need your help.

Our cockatiel got away from me this morning and flew out a window, and I need your help finding her! We live at the corner of Wells Ave North and N 5th. She's yellow/grey with orange spots on her cheeks, approx. 10" in length from beak to tip of tail, and her name is Gertie. If you see her, please call Emily at 425-572-0447.

Thank you,

Emily Jones

Anonymous said...

I love this new "Meet your Council!" WONDERFUL idea Lady P :)

- Michelle Klaniecki

Anonymous said...

Well if Mr. Corman is reading this, or anyone on his campaign trail... let him know that he has my vote the as soon as I see him juggle on a unicylce. That's badass.

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