Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Art in Renton - or, what you should have done last Saturday Night

Alex Sandlin is the brainchild, the creator behind the wonderful artwork of Mourning Moon. She does incredibly detailed paintings and sketches, all done in this wonderful "Big Eye Art" fashion that is unique, colorful, edgy and fun.

Alex has been a painter and artist since she was very young - it ran in the family. She still loves to keep at her sketching - she says that it improves her painting skills with every drawing that she makes. I believe that she is truly one of those artists to watch. If you buy something of hers now, you will be saying "I knew about her back then" in a mere couple of years.

The best part of Alex's collection of work is that everyone can afford to have something of her work. She has pins, lovely pendants, book marks, cards - all with her signature designs on them. Can't afford the original - there is always something you can take home. Want to know more -look here at her own website.

Last Saturday, Mary Clymer of Happy Delusions hosted an Art Show and one of the two artists represented that night was Alex Sandlin. Alex brought more of her original artwork down than what normally can be seen in the store in the small space that Alex rent's there. The work is still on display for a limited time - so if you have a chance, head that way. It's worth the look.
PS: there was wine, there were cupcakes - you really missed out. And Alex lives in Skyway (unincorporated Seattle) but I am claiming her for Renton - so there!


Anonymous said...

Alex really is an amazing artist. She will be having more shows at happy delusions, and of course, prints are always available in the shop.
Thanks Lady P.

Tigerpixie said...

Alex is a wonderful artist! I am lucky enough to have one of her original paintings as well as many prints :) Thank you for such a lovely post about her! :D

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