Thursday, May 14, 2009

RUFF!! Renton's Dog Park

This is for the few of you that may not know that Renton is soon to be the proud owner of an Offleash Dog Park that will break ground come June. The location is on a 5 acre parcel of land owned by the city next to the Cedar River Trail - in yesteryear, a brick factory, and now just hillocks and foliage with some ruins here and there. Fast forward to summer, and it will be and incredible dog park that will, I believe, bring some really cool people (and pets) plus additional revenue to our little burg -yeah!
RUFF, the name of the organization headed by Debbie Englund and Kevin Poole (Operations Committee for the dog park), has only been incorporated since March 25, but the strides that have been made are overwhelmingly quick. Just a couple of weeks ago fundraising kicked off with an event at the newly opened Vino's at the Landing, Wags 'n Wine, which netted the park a whopping $8,100. But the money still kept coming in.
The most recent email that I received a week or more ago, stated that the count is at $13,000 and the city has agreed to start ordering the construction materials for the park and change the open date from August to June. Local support for this venture has just been incredible. The city has agreed to match the funds raised by Ruff, and go even further than that, and the Renton Community Foundation has stepped in to take the role of managing the funds and this qualifies the donations now made to Ruff for tax deductions. (For those of you interested in supporting - checks can be made out to Renton Community Foundation - RUFF Fund P.O. Box 820, Renton, WA 98057)

You can become involved at any level, join Ruff on Facebook, sign up to receive the emails that are sent as updates through or mark in your calendars that the next fundraising event will be in June at The Dog and Pony Grill and Alehouse
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