Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Council Smouncil - who is Rich Zwicker?

You see him everywhere Renton needs him to be and he is running for reelection again this Fall. I am talking about none other than Councilman Rich Zwicker, fellow blogger over at Renton425 (opps? was I not supposed to reveal that?) Here he is pictured at the Spring Festival not too long ago and he was silly enough to agree to let me share with a you some of the lighter side of Mr.425.

!. Name of favorite pet. Of all time? That was Bill the Cat. He took me from my bachelor days all the way into marriage with Martha and he was a favorite of us both. He was a Cat’s Cat. I even got him registered in the Who's Who of Lawyers as William D. Katt, Animal Rights Attorney.

2. Breakfast food you eat all the time. Not big on breakfast. But when left to my own devices I’ll prepare a garlic/pasta/egg dish that would make most people choke.

3. Silliest human trick you are known for. Does being the mystery man behind Renton425 count?

4. Worst school moment (if you want to share). That they kept closing the schools I went to. Sartori-closed. Earlington—closed. Dimmitt—closed (but reopened later). Gave me a complex.

5. Belly button - innie or outie? Innie. But if I keep eating this way . . .

6. First date was where with the fair Martha (Mrs.425)? Cucina Cucina, Southcenter, after work (I was her secretary at the time).

7. Vacation spot you want to return to: Jamaica and Mazatlan.

8. Education regret - what do you wish you had studied, even if you would have never had a use for it. Currently, I’m without regret as far as education goes—I just returned to Renton Technical College to complete my degree and graduated last month!

9. How do you like your coffee? Half and Half. No sugar. Can’t stand the smell of cream and sugar in coffee. Had someone dump a whole cup on me on the bus on the way to work and I was nauseated all day.

10. Favorite food group. Meat.

11. What TV show are you embarrassed to admit you like? Gilmore Girls.

12. What color simply looks awful on you? Leopard print. Kinda OD’d on that back in the band days.

13. Worst Xmas gift you received – ever. Not me, but my nephew got catnip and bizi-balls from my mom. Of course, that’s because my nephew had the same name as my cat and took the wrong present. But he did think grandma was senile and didn’t say anything about the mix up.

14. Worst gift you ever gave – ever. An autograph.

15. Proudest achievement so far. Serving on the Renton Technical College Foundation Board.

16. Silliest thing you often do (and everyone kids you about). I’ve realized that I leave drawers open. And I keep getting crap about it.

17. Whose your super hero? I’m a fan of Daredevil. Wasn’t too happy that they had Ben Affleck play him, though.

18. If you were a woman, who would you like to be? Richard Simmons.

19. Best household chore that you do. Empty the cat boxes.

20. How do you get yourself out of a grumpy mood? 80's music.

21. Do you still send cards for occasions via snail mail? Of course. Anything else is tacky.

22.One of you top fav films. It's a Wonderful Life and Goodfellas.

23.What season is your best? Fall. By a mile.

24.Hobby you like the most? Online poker with fake money.

25.Are you funny? I am if you have a warped sense of humor. Otherwise, I'm just really annoying.

26.Why do you like being a council member? My Mother-in-law always said " you have to matter in life". Being a council member and helping our citizens is a great way to celebrate her spirit.

Stay tuned for more Meet the Council as more members willingly subject themselves to The Picaroon's investigative reporting into the softer side of Renton politics.


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Lady P, your interview questions are awesome and really bring some good stuff!

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