Friday, April 3, 2009

When newspapers and mail mattered

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These photos were inspired by our latest talk of blogging, the possible loss of our downtown Post Office and the sad devolvement of the printed word via newspapers. This old home whose back door looks out onto Burnett Ave., still boasts a mail box that has a crook to rest a paper in and an old orange plastic box for a publication out of circulation. Will we ever return this way again, I wonder? It all feels just a tad sad - a time soon to be forgotten. Ink stained fingertips, papers that were iron pressed and hung on wooden racks at the local hotel or men's club, the rustle of the paper at the breakfast table and the fight over the funnies. Are we really ready to say this goodbye?


Anonymous said...

Your photos really speak volumes about the way technology is changing our communication. I have one of those sad-looking newspaper tubes still mounted below my not-very-important-anymore mailbox. This year I E-filed my taxes for the first time, and we've put almost everything on electronic payment to avoid bills in the mail.

I've noticed that the dead-tree versions of newspapers don't even show up in our office break rooms anymore. The world is changing fast.

Randy Corman

Your Renton Business Advisor said...

Yes, the printed page and most of our mail have gone the way of the town crier - an emotionally lamentable but phenomenally empowering change in our societal communications paradigm.

Our dear Lady P would have been limited to a few letters to the editor back in the good old days of newspaper dominance, we would have never heard to delightful editorial voice of Happy Delusions and Councilperson Corman would only have press releases and news conferences with which to reach out to us.

Now that I have my Dell Mini 9 netbook, I can that the new media anywhere I used to take the old but my newspaper now updates while I'm reading it!

Councilperson Corman and I can have a discussion that could have never happened in earlier days and Lady P has the same access to community communications that was once reserved for a privileged few.

Newspapers and mail still matter - they just don't need dead tree flakes to reach us anymore.

What a wonderful time!

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