Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Uncle Mo's

The Best of Renton has to include a bar or two - not a pub with an area for kids, not a swanky place that has wine that comes from a bottle instead of a box, but a tried and true bar. Uncle Mo's Snappy Inn is just that place.
My Mom and I have been here a couple of times. The staff is good and the regulars always seem to want to talk. There is a pretty extensive menu serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. All in all, the best seems to be the breakfasts for us. You can get the "Hair of the Dog" with your a.m. meal, if you catch my drift. Last time in, there were some good looking breakfast specials. We will be heading back.
One of the best attributes has to be this cute outdoor seating area. This is gonna come in real handy when we have a few more of those sunny days. Uncle Mo's always has some cute flowers planted and you can watch a bit of the world go by from your stool, and relax in the shade. This way you can be out of harms way should the Karaoke start without you. Or the five televisions screens all placed directly in a line over the pull tabs and beer taps, sports and gambling stations ever on, start to get on your last nerve.
The eight beers on tap are really regular (Blue Moon being the height of specialness), and there is lots of liquor, but you don't come here for anything to crazy or out of the ordinary. You come to here to have an easygoing, down to earth moment. Probably to just drink - if we are going to be honest. And you can honestly do a lot of that here - then walk to a couple more watering holes if you are still able.

Uncle Mo's Snappy Inn (425) 917 - 3130
321 Williams Ave. South Renton, WA


Anonymous said...

Yes, I was surprised by the lack of a Best Bar category in the Best of Renton list. Mo's is pretty decent - just about the cheapest drinks downtown! Their sandwiches are nothing special, but they are cheap, too.

I'm usually more of a Williams Avenue Sports Bar fan. Especially on Monday night when they have buy 1 get 1 free burgers! Although we do wander down to Mo's on the weekend sometimes to sing when karaoke at Love's Landing is too packed. :)

Lady P said...

I am totally there next week for burgers - and Ms Lynar of All about Renton blog just did a tasty review of their fries - thanks for clueing me in.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Mo's is a pretty cool place. On thanksgiving Mo let's kids come in as well, so everyone can eat a Thanksgiving meal, and it's free. He is a pretty cool guy. Then on Sunday's they have a jam session. PLus if you go during the day Monday through Thursday, you get the best bartender ever, Erica Kirkman. :)

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