Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Book of Answers

Times are tough - we have all admitted that to ourselves and others within the last couple of months. Sometimes the right answers, the best direction to take, it can be elusive. Enter The Book of Answers. So easy, it's foolproof (?). Just close your eyes, and make a wish - I mean, think of your pressing question and then open the book to the corresponding page. Within seconds, life has become simpler. There, in black and white print, you will find the answer you have been looking for. Maybe even an answer that you didn't ever imagine receiving. Anyone can use this method of clarification when the road to life gets full of rocks and stones and you need to clear the way.

Here is our dear friend and local artist (here), Mike Ferguson, demonstrating his easy technique of divination with the book. Remember, levity is always part of the answer when using the book. I mean, if we can't laugh now - when will we ever be able to?

Unfortunately for all of us - Mike didn't get the "no, you can still stay and live in Renton" answer and it seems that he will have to move to Tacoma. Now, I don't like the book for that - but I can't stand in the way of the fate. Mike, we will all miss you. Please consult the book again - and think of our fair city. Are you sure it's time to leave the place that professes to be "ahead of the curve"? I think Tacoma just has some sort of dome thingy...
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