Thursday, April 9, 2009

Renton Peeps talk about work and taxes

Have you had the pleasure of seeing this smiling face before? He is one of Renton's finest. Pedro Hawkins is one of those people out making a difference in our daily lives. He is the UPS guy with the best attitude around, who is usually in a continual state of "jogginess" and wears his shorts through any season. I love this guy. I have almost fallen on the street, running in pajamas 'cuz I missed him at my door with a package I was waiting for, and he stops and smiles and makes it all right. People who work in the public realm, enjoy their jobs and take the time to pass that along are becoming a rarity. Pedro can make you see things in a brighter way. Order your package today - and, with any luck, they will send Pedro your way.
Tax Time - and some of us get to go shopping with our tax returns. Michelle Klanieki has a penchant for BAGS. With her tax return, she bought this beauty at Happy Delusions on S. Third. She did, however, have to clean out at least a dozen old purses in order to secure this baby - husband's orders.
Ngan Huyhn has informed me that her tax return went to paying rent. Hummm, keeping the ole "roof over your head" tactic during times of economic hardship. Nice move, Ngan. I must divulge that that is exactly how I am spending my own tax return.
Samantha Goetz-Grandquist would just like her parents to remember her fondness for things Princess Leia-like. If she could, that would be how she would help spend her parent's tax return. But it's not happening - so we took the picture for posterity, and hung the cool yarn hair dreads back up and walked, rather glumly, away.
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Anonymous said...

I'm hoping to do a little of everything with my tax return. Pay bills first of course, than I plan on putting that money back into our community too. And look how happy everyone is sitting in the sun.

Barbara said...

Pedro is the MAN. Even though he's sort of our 'competition', this Postal letter carrier thinks he's A-OK!

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