Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter in Renton

Deb of Girlfriend's Antiques, Gifts and Florals always has her windows done up for all of the holidays. Her windows are a true reflection of the woman herself - fun and full of charm, and always with a bit of interesting "story" attached.
Right next door is the Country Antique Station, and Rod has some adorable signs out to show you just where to look for this year's Happy Easter.

Don't these chairs just look so inviting? I could have shown you the cute painted windows or the gorgeous cupcakes that Crystal has been designing this week for the holiday, but the position and color of these chairs at Common Ground Coffee and Cupcakes just was too good to be true. What unintentional holiday flair!
Next stop, holiday heaven at Cugini's Florist Shop. Fresh scents, vivid colors and an incredible selection of gift possibilities. This is where adults should come to fill their special some one's basket. At least, in my dream world, that's where my Easter Bunny goes to shop!
Finally - a little look at what is cooking up at the old chez Lady P for Easter. I am making chickies - knitting them up by the dozen, currently adding pom-pom allure to them all, for my family and extended family members. It is craftmadness over here and the dash is on to be done in time for the egg hunt on Sunday!!

Girlfriend's Antiques,Gifts, Floral 920 S.Third (206) 261-2802
Antique Country Station 918 S. Third St. (425) 235-6449
Common Ground Coffee and Cupcake 900 S. Third. St. (425) 235- 1717
Cugini Florists 413 S. Third St. (425) 255 - 3900


Anonymous said...

yay easter

Anonymous said...

The chickies are great! I want the pattern!
And Deb is so cool.

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