Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Massage those aches and pains away

She is petite, and lovely in demeanor - but don't let that fool you, when it comes to giving a massage, Rachel packs a good wallop. Recently joining the Cedar River Day Spa in North Renton, Rachel Rourke is hanging out her Massage shingle and looking for some new clients. Rachel specializes in Women's Massage, and does Swedish Deep Tissue, Relaxation and Pain Management, body scrubs and wraps. After which you are free to make use of the onsite sauna at the spa. With EARTH DAY coming up this Wednesday, it's the perfect time to get realigned and spend time with yourself.

The best news today is, that if you mention The Picaroon - you can have a one hour massage for the great price of $45. Just in time to get the kinks out before you get tied up in knots thinking about when you are ever going to get that gardening done...

Cedar River Day Spa & Massage 912 N. First Street Renton, WA Rachel Rourke (425) 430 - 4542

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Anonymous said...

I woke this morning actually thinking about how I wanted a massage this is ironic- awww the irony.

I shall go there sometime this week.

And to answer your question my darling I did infact write that poem.

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