Friday, April 17, 2009

It's the people that count

Here is a dear soul, know to all of us as "Pinky" (that is her friend, Eric, on the right) and she has lived in Renton her entire life. But soon to be no more. Tomorrow we all bid her a fond adieu as she goes out into the world, moving away from her roots here to seek adventure in another cool town. Goodbye Pinky! We will all miss you.
If you ever take secret pleasure in reading certain columns in the Stranger and The Weekly newspapers, and we all know just what columns those might be... there is nothing more enertaining than having a great cup of coffee at the Liberty Cafe and having someone read them aloud to you - in public. Stephen Klanieki's voice adds an element of flair to the whole experience.
Mary Clymer (of Happy Delusions fame), adds color to our downtown in so many ways - but my favorite has to be this Lifesaver colored scarf that has to bring a smile whenever you see it wrapped around her. (Thank you Mary for giving a shout out to The ole Picaroon, here)
Someone brought sweet offerings to the hard at work student who sits endlessly near the entrance to our downtown library. Hoodie wrapped around his tired shoulders and a bunch of posies at his feet - he must be in need of a Spring Break. Aren't we all!!
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