Thursday, April 16, 2009

3 Feet Under: Digging Deep for the Geoduck Clam

This is a documentary film about our own favorite, the GEODUCK clam. I say our own, as this special long necked lad can only be found in our area throughout the entire globe, And though this clam may not have much in looks, it is extremely tasty to some of us - my favorite being sauteed in fermented black bean sauce at a local eatery in the International District!

This film shown today at the Carco Theater at 4:30, has won some awards and has created a devoted following. This is part of the Key Ingredients: America by Food program at our Renton Historical Museum that lasts through May 9th. If you like food and all aspects of eating local, this is a must see.

Carco Theater 1717 Maple Valley Hwy.
Today 4:30 pm
Adul$10 Students $5

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