Saturday, April 25, 2009

I'm Back Online Again!

We have all been bitten by bugs - and it's always nasty, uncomfortable and can look rather unsightly. There are also the virtual bugs that naughty little hackers write in the webworld to increase their cash flow and send some of us little Internet Missie's, like my dear Laptop, into a royal tizzy. The onset was slow, like any other sickness - first, it became hard to hold onto the Internet connection and the board would freeze, making blogging feel like swimming in a puddle of intergalactic GOO. Next, the driver was taken down and bitten off completely - leaving me and my laptop high and dry.

In the world of computer geeks, there are some that venture outside their cozy den of wires and monitors to help the wee folk like myself. Though he will not call himself any sort of computer wizard, I do want to send my heartfelt thanks to Steve Waters, without whom I would have had to have "rebirthed" my entire machine and started again from scratch. There aren't enough baked goods I could make to express how happy I am to be at my computer this very night, playing catch-up with my blogging. Thank you.

You'll also note that I began a new list of links at the side. Now you can go directly to The Redhouse or The Dog and Pony and look at their coming events or updates (ahem! Jay - a little beer list action, if you please). I also included an interesting blog from Seattle, Washington Bus, that might be of interest to some. Keep your eyes on that spot - I will be adding to it regularly.

That's it - except to say that I appreciate the die hard readers that have kept with me through the trying week of little posting and library blogging with all of it's lousy spelling and curiously kept on their sides photos. You rock and don't you know it.
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