Saturday, April 25, 2009

We're giving you an award Pabla - you deserve it!

I was off at Pabla again last week - enjoying the tremendous buffet lunch that runs Monday through Sunday from elevenish until 3pm for the most excellent price of $9. 99. I have blogged about this before, but I will take any excuse given to mention their incredible curries and pakoras, and luckily I was given one. Just a couple of weeks ago this venerable establishment celebrated eleven years of serving us great food and providing us with a store that stocks all the spices and whatnot to cook Indian cuisine at home for ourselves. Better yet - they have a full selection of tasty bakery items that are made on site and available for purchase. If buffet style dining is not your thing, simply mosey on over during the evening and order ala carte from a very diverse menu. Remember, this is vegetarian dining. Though, after sharing a table with seven other hungry diners last week, one whom had never gone "meatless" before - there really will not be a problem. Our new diner was more than happy to discover that he wasn't missing out on anything - taste, texture or that good ole feeling of belly satiation. Not that we're trying for converts here - that boy will still love his animal proteins, but at least he won't shy away from the other culinary options in the future.

Another reason for this post is that the results from the Renton Reporter's Best of Renton came to my notice today. The options for restaurants only offered Asian and Italian - what!!!!???? So, had there been an "Other" or ethnic food/restaurant category, Pabla would have been a winner - for sure. Our whole downtown community thrives on it. So here it is, Pabla - from all of us - we award you this Best Of Renton Award for going above and beyond the call of duty in providing all of us with excellent food for the last eleven years - we thank you!

Pabla Indian Cuisine 364 Renton Center Way SW #C60 (425) 228 - 4625
7 Days a week Lunch 11- 3, Dinner 5 - 10 pm

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Barbara said...

Not to fond of the Renton Reporters "Best Of" list. Seems the same business's win most years - perhaps a little nepotism going on in some cases?? Pabla justifiably is a great East Indian restaurant, as is the little place on 3rd, Nan & Curry?

Lady P said...

Yes - Nan & Curry is indeed a lovely restaurant - but my heart still loves Pabla first!

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