Saturday, March 28, 2009

Dearly Departed

I have a story - the story of a poor, drunken squirrel who met his demise on the streets of Renton. You might have remembered my earlier posting about him - alcohol was probably the cause - a common answer to many worries when dealing with our present times, but so dangerous for some - like our friend.

Our brother has been with us now, on the sidewalk where we all live, for a few days now. People remark on him - go out of their way to include a visitation to his above ground gravesite and pay their condolences. You may be sad upon reading this, not so much for the long gone squirrel, but for the many Rentonites that consider this an outing and topic of interest

What I am at a loss for words about is why the drunken corpse of a squirrel can be befriended and beloved in our downtown community, but that the wonderful Knit Up that beautifully graced a tree on S. Third Street had to be taken down in less than a day of it's existence.

You can weigh in on this if you want - art is in the eyes of the beholder - and roadkill is looking pretty spiffy today in his hand knit scarf!


Anonymous said...

I am not too sure what to say here Lady P. Maybe just that your love for the knitted is just beyond words. R.I.P cute squirrel, go to your resting place knowing that your cousins are getting fed over here.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing how something so simple and unexpected can become the topic of conversation in any community. Many have come into the shop telling me of there visit to Renton's drunken squirrel. May he rest in peace and know that even in death he has brought joy to many.

Freakazoid Freddy said...

I don't think the squirrel got drunk intentionally. "They" got him drunk and then had him killed because he knew too much.

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