Friday, May 7, 2010

Warped Toys

Welcome the World of Warped Toys as envisioned by local Renton artist, Kristi Hand. Happy Delusions, the indie craft store on South Third in Renton, had it's windows taken over by an amazing set of paintings, watercolors and toy creations this morn. And the world will never look quite the same again - thank god!

The reception is tonight, Friday, beginning at 7pm and is in cahoots with the First Friday Block Party and art showing that is happening next door at Liberty Cafe with Mary Clymer's Fun Felt Forest.

Irreverent? Wickedly humorous? Absolutely! Kristi has talent and spunk all rolled into one.

You may remember these small Pez dispensers that Kristi has taken over and made into the smallest of canvases for her detailed artwork. I love them.
There is a window full of Kristi's deft hand at painting that is not to be missed as well. I couldn't help myself - the toys were so captivating and demanded to be shot.

Greet and Meet the artists tonight - but if you miss the evening's fun, the work will be up for the entire month of May.

Happy Delusions
924 South 3rd Street
Renton, WA 98057-2734
(425) 255-6078

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