Monday, May 17, 2010

Hot Glass

When Uptown Glassworks in Downtown Renton got a financial reprieve late last year and continued to be a part of the art scene of our town, we all got lucky. Not every place you live will have such a creative hive of hot glass activity. You can just pop through the front door on any given day and see art being made - and being made extremely well.

Chris Heilman helps run the workshop area of Uptown Glassworks and won't hesitate to recount where his latest work had been purchased and sent. Uri Geller (remember the guy who could bend spoons with his mind?) has most recently become the proud owner of one of Chris' museum quality pieces, and there are more stories like that. When Renton's sister city in Japan sent a delegation over to visit, their trip highlight was an afternoon spent with Chris Heilman and a piece of his work accompanied them home to Nishiwaki.

Classes are taught by Chris and Uptown Glass works, if this sounds like a calling for anyone of you. Last year through a grant provided by the City Arts of Renton, 10-12 people were able to sign up for free and come experience the wonder of a making glass bowl. Chris hopes to apply for the grant this year as well - it seems he was the author of the idea.

Chris's work has been seen and acknowledged by many . How fortunate we are that genius is so close at hand. Just another reason why Renton is so cool.

Uptown Glassworks
230 Main Ave. S.
425 228-1849

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