Saturday, April 3, 2010

PEEPing around Renton

Downtown Renton has gone to the PEEPS - and I am lovin' it. Our first Peep was found at the GHY Bike Shop trying to graduate from peepwheels to a more serious ride. Here's hoping he makes it past the treacherous turf - oh boy.

ep 'n Bitch has taken over the Happy Delusions usual Sunday Stitch and Bitch, and Mary Clymer likes her new puff dude just fine.

Still life with Peep - Mike Moskowitz of Liberty Cafe contemplates the proverbial navel with the help of some yellow processed sugar.

Peeptail anyone? Makalina of the DC's Bar and Grill has just your Easter flavored concoction when you didn't find just everything you wanted in your basket this weekend.
Peep Quality Control over at Common Ground Coffee and Cupcakes - is this Peep sweet enough? Ummm, the Cupcake Queens will just take a bite or two and see...

Great Peepin' Tattoos! Peeps know they have a short life on this earth, why not have the best ink in town before the last Easter Basket falls with Tor at Ancient Arts on South Third.

A Tale of Two Peeps - or who is peeping who? Dacia of The Old Renton Book Exchange on Wells Ave. S. is about to find out.

Trolling for Peeps in North Renton - and I found one at the garden of Steve Near as he prepares and plants during the tempestuous weather we call Spring.

To all of my Peeps -

Happy Easter


Anonymous said...

You are super cute! That was fun. Happy Easter to you too Lady P.

Norman Petersen Decorative Finishes said...

Thanks for the peep show.

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