Saturday, March 13, 2010

DTR Anniversaries - Liberty Cafe and Common Ground Coffee and Cupcakes

Today was the day to be in the DTR corridor my friends. Both Liberty Cafe and Common Ground Coffee and Cupcakes were having anniversary celebrations and fun was to be had all around. Liberty Cafe celebrates a year in our fine, historic downtown Renton area and Common Ground Coffee and Cupcakes has been serving us for three years now. How quickly time passes when you are drinking caffeine and eating frosting yum yums.


Anonymous said...

Thanks to our DTR businesses for starting the revitalization of our beloved City. Mike, Hang, Mary C.,Rod, Deb, etc. we appreciate your optimism. How fun that young entrepeners (sp?) are revitalizing DTR. The takeover of the Library building to be a salmon museum will be for not!


Anonymous said...

Where can I get the liberty shirt??? super cool!


Barbara said...

That slide show is great Lady P. You are very talented!

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